Before pursuing a Ph.D. in education policy, I was a high school and college instructor of Spanish. I taught high school years 2-5 (including AP) and college levels 101-201.

Since beginning a Ph.D. program, I was afforded the opportunity to teach an undergraduate section of Social Foundations of Education, as well as to serve as a teaching assistant of a variety of courses, particularly related to research methods:

  • Qualitative Research Design and Analysis (for Ph.D. students)
  • Educational Research II (an introduction to collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data for M.Ed. students)
  • Program Evaluation and Decision Making (for Ed.D. students in the superintendency program)
  • Multidisciplinary Methods of Exploring Organizations (undergraduate research methods course in the College of Liberal Arts)
  • Educational Politics and Policymaking (for Ed.D. students in the superintendency program)

Regardless of the course and my role in it, I believe the fundamental role of teaching is to transform students into scholars. Above all, this requires instruction in critical thinking and presentation. I encourage students to read and write for a variety of audiences. I also encourage peer review of writing and submitting multiple drafts to me. As is becoming common practice in K-12 education, I believe that mastery of the material is more important than assessing at a snapshot in time.

To see some of my work, I have helped to develop the Multidisciplinary Methods of Exploring Organizations website, particularly related to the quantitative methods.

Some of the comments students left me on teaching evaluations when I was an instructor of record at Virginia Commonwealth University are also below:

  • I had taken Spanish in high school so I had prior knowledge of the subject, But Mr. Scott did a great job explaining things so that it was easy for me to pick back up.
  • Michael Scott is an excellent Spanish professor because he truly wants you to understand the language and is always available to answer any questions you might have. He is also very knowledgeable about the linguistics about the language and thoroughly explains the grammatical functions of Spanish words, which I think is very interesting. I’m currently a French minor, but upon taking his class I also want to do a Spanish minor as well.
  • Michael Scott is awesome; really cares about his students/teaching the language in a practical way that it can be used in the real world. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn Spanish!
  • Mike Scott is the definition of a teacher. He understands that we might not pick up on Spanish right away and is willing to stay after class and email back and forth with you. He truly loves teaching and you can tell. I’m glad I get to have him for 102 and would recommend his class any day!
  • Mr. Scott was the best professor I had this year. I really enjoyed going to his class. I look forward to being in his class in the fall.
  • One of the best professors I have ever had, and I am in my 6th year of college! Genuinely cares about the subject matter and the students! Was always more then willing to help the students with review sessions on the weekends which required him to come into town from Charlottesville. He was AWESOME!!!!!
  • Profe Scott is very helpful and understanding. The quickest to respond to emails, which is a very big help. He really wants everyone to understand and will go around the entire class asking questions from everyone. I hope to take the next section of Spanish with him.
  • I’ve been in college awhile (longer than I’d like to be) at VCU, a previous four-year institution, and a community college for a bit, and I can sincerely say – he is the best college professor I’ve ever had.